FY Crème de Nuit 50ml


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Annique Forever Young Crème de Nuit is a rich anti-ageing night cream that enhances the skin’s own repair process by providing the necessary nutrients that the skin needs to heal itself while you sleep. It can be used by all skin types and is ideal for even the most sensitive skin. It is richer in nourishment and moisture than the normal night cream to provide the extra requirements of the aged skin. VNA 10+, a bioactive peptide with superior collagen boosting activity, helps to nourish and repair aged and dehydrated skin. Rooibos extract adds potent natural antioxidants that have anti-ageing and skin-soothing benefits.

Anti-ageing night crème
Nourishes and improves moisture retention
Fragrance free
For best results, use with your skin appropriate serums, followed by Skin Detox, Revitalising Cream and the moisturiser suited to your skin type, for a new degree of moisture and suppleness.